I created Workafrolic to be the space that I’ve been desperately seeking. I was a full-time working professional, deeply invested in my career with no intention to slow down when I had my son Gray in Fall 2015. Like other families with only working parents, it is hard for my husband and me to find enough time to pursue our careers, have time alone together, spend time as a family, and meet our own independent needs for self-care.

In early 2017, I started developing plans to create an indoor playspace for infants and toddlers, which was missing in my Washington, DC neighborhood. I quickly realized that, as a working parent, I could use a lot more help. So I decided to design a space for both children and parents—a place that would allow parents to spend quality time with their children while also having the freedom to pursue their careers and other activities independent from their children. Most importantly, I wanted a place that would allow me and other working parents to connect to a community of other families on the same journey.


Before Workafrolic, I worked in international development, a passion and career that allowed me to travel extensively around the world. The work required me to think critically and analytically to develop innovative solutions to pressing global problems. Transferring these skills and experiences, I wanted to develop a new approach to these challenges that I and other working parents face. With so many competing priorities, our time is precious and the way we choose to use it has a big impact on our lives and the people around us. I have re-focused my energy on doing just that by building on a mix of professional experience, perspective as a mom, and sheer determination.


I believe that parents can find better work-life balance if the key parts of their lives—work, children, and self-care—are integrated rather than separated. With Workafrolic, I am offering parents this new option, providing parents in DC the ability to do more with their day. My intention is for Workafrolic to be a space that parents and children can share together and thrive independently, as well as connect with peers and build community. My vision is that Workafrolic will increase the quantity and quality of the time that parents and children spend doing the things that add value and joy to their lives.   


Naomi Rasmussen

Founder & CEO

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